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Meet the Ancestors Family History Research

A Suffolk Based Family History Researcher and Blogger

Welcome to Meet the Ancestors


I am thrilled to have created this site as a platform to share my enthusiasm for family history research and social history. I have for many years enjoyed delving into the fascinating lives of my own ancestors, as well as those of friends and acquaintances. Through the blog on this web site, I aim to bring some of these remarkable individuals to life and share their stories with you.


Each blog post will introduce you to some of the people I have encountered during my research journey. From tales of resilience and triumph to heartwarming family connections, these stories offer a glimpse into the lives of our predecessors and provide insights into the times they lived in.


If you are interested in discovering your own family's history or need assistance with your genealogical research, I am here to help. With my wealth of experience and dedication to meticulous research, I can uncover the hidden treasures of your family tree.


Stebbings, Washbrook, Ipswich, Suffolk IP8 3JA

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