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Terms and Conditions


For all work I offer a free initial consultation.


A budget will be agreed in advance before research starts. Typically, £500 to go back on all sides for one person as far back as civil registration / census returns allow which can take you to the early 1800’s depending on ease of availability of information.


If this seems like too much money, I am open to talking about doing less work for a smaller budget. 

If there are parish records or other records which could take your tree back further I will let you know and we can review the options for this in terms of time and money.


Results can be shared electronically which is cheaper, or I can put together an album and paper family tree using software.


If you choose to have an album put together I will charge £20 for the physical album and the archival wallets will be £0.75p each. Special looking parchment paper for the album is £10 for 50 sheets, or I can use plain white A4 throughout the album for no additional charge. You can choose a mix of the two. For example use the parchment paper for the family trees and special people such as parents, grandparents, this can be discussed.  Plus £100 for the work involved putting it together.


£75 deposit to be paid before I start work and balance to be paid on completion of work.


Payment to be made by bank transfer or PayPal.


Cost of any documents ordered will be charged at cost price in addition to the set budget, for example birth, marriage or death certificates are £7 for a PDF or £11 for a proper certificate.


I will always check with you before I order any documents.


Family trees or reports produced will include reference to the original sources i.e., parish records, census returns.


All work will be carried out in strict confidence.


It is possible that research may not produce results because records may be lost or cannot be found. If this happens, I will contact you to discuss and review our options.

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