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I received this lovely testimonial:

I have been amazed at the astonishing information and revelations about both my paternal and maternal family which Sheila Herd discovered during her search for my ancestors.

Sheila put flesh on known family stories handed down for generations and on families and their stories which had been forgotten, lost or were unknown. One was a Hereford husband who had disappeared, eventually declared dead, but was alive and living in poverty in London.

Sheila's research was meticulous, backed by newspaper reports, baptism, marriage and funeral records and the census going back to the first in 1841. Her research has been filed in a mighty folder of family trees, broken down under the names of individual members, all cross referenced, and with photographs where they exist.

Sheila's research has given me fantastic insight into my ancestors. It is to be followed by her looking for the full story of my husband's ancestors. I fully recommend her to anybody who wants to know the story of their ancestors.

I contacted Sheila through her advertisement under Ancestry Research in Capel Capers.

Penny Thompson.

Bear Street, Hereford.

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