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Code Of Kalantiaw Pdf Download

Code of Kalantiaw PDF Download

The Code of Kalantiaw was a supposed legal code in the epic history Maragtas that is said to have been written in 1433 by Datu Kalantiaw, a chief on the island of Negros in the Philippines. It is now generally accepted by historians that the documents supporting the existence and history of the code are fraudulent works written in 1913 by a priest named Jose Marco as a part of a historical fiction titled Las antiguas leyendas de la Isla de Negros (The Ancient Legends of the Island of Negros).

The Code of Kalantiaw listed 18 orders for the proper punishment of certain moral and social transgressions. Depending on the gravity of the offense, punishment ranged from a light fine to being cut to pieces and thrown to crocodiles. The code was widely accepted as a historical fact by many Filipino and American scholars throughout the 20th century, until it was exposed as a hoax by William Henry Scott in his doctoral dissertation in 1968.


Despite its dubious authenticity, the Code of Kalantiaw has been a source of inspiration and controversy for many Filipinos. Some have regarded it as a symbol of pre-colonial justice and culture, while others have criticized it as a colonial construct and a tool for propaganda. In 1971, a decoration to be known as the Order of Kalantiao was created, to be awarded to any citizen of the Philippines for exceptional and meritorious services to the Republic in the administration of justice and in the field of law. However, in 2003, the Order of Kalantiao was deleted from the Honors Code by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, following the recommendation of the National Historical Institute (now the National Historical Commission of the Philippines) that declared the Code of Kalantiaw to be a 20th-century fraudulent work by José Marco with no historical basis.

If you are interested in learning more about the Code of Kalantiaw and its history, you can download a PDF copy of William Henry Scott's dissertation titled The Discovery of the Igorots: Spanish Contacts with the Pagans of Northern Luzon from this link: [PDF Download]. This dissertation contains a detailed analysis of the sources and evidence that prove the Code of Kalantiaw to be a hoax. You can also read more about the Code of Kalantiaw and other pre-Spanish Philippine laws on this website: [Pre-Spanish, Indigenous, Law Britannica].

I hope you find this article helpful and informative. Thank you for reading.


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