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KeyRep [PariganakaLipi]

KeyRep [PariganakaLipi]

KeyRep is a software program that helps users to type Sinhala letters correctly using fonts. Sinhala is the official language of Sri Lanka, spoken by about 16 million people. Sinhala has a complex script that consists of 18 vowels, 41 consonants, and various diacritical marks. Typing Sinhala using a standard keyboard can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for beginners. KeyRep aims to simplify this process by providing a user-friendly interface and a logical keyboard layout.

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KeyRep was first released in 2017 by CITS Institute, a computer training center in Sri Lanka. The software was developed by Mr. Chathura Dissanayake, a software engineer and an instructor at CITS. The first version of KeyRep was free to download and use, and it received positive feedback from many users who appreciated its simplicity and accuracy. KeyRep was compatible with various applications, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, and Gmail.

In 2021, CITS Institute released the latest version of KeyRep, called KeyRep 2.0. This version has several improvements and new features, such as:

  • A redesigned user interface that is more attractive and intuitive.

  • A new keyboard layout that is more ergonomic and logical.

  • A support for Unicode fonts, which are more standardized and widely used.

  • A feature to convert text from one font to another, such as from FM Abhaya to Iskoola Pota.

  • A feature to insert special characters, such as punctuation marks, symbols, and numerals.

  • A feature to customize the keyboard settings, such as the font size, color, and sound.

KeyRep 2.0 is a paid software that costs Rs. 1000 (about $5) for the activation code. Users can download the software from the official website and use it for a trial period of 30 days. After that, they need to purchase the activation code to continue using the software. CITS Institute offers online support and tutorials for KeyRep users through their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

KeyRep is a valuable software for anyone who wants to type Sinhala letters easily and correctly. It is suitable for students, teachers, professionals, and anyone who needs to communicate in Sinhala using a computer. KeyRep is also a useful tool for learning Sinhala language and script, as it helps users to understand the structure and pronunciation of Sinhala letters. KeyRep is a software that promotes the use and preservation of Sinhala language in the digital age.

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